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Professional Audio Production

Alex Lipshaw is a international musician, songwriter, producer who handles our audio marketing. Check out SnowTree Productions. He is a life long student of Berklee School of Music online and toured for three years internationally as a rhythm guitarist for Hey Monday. Alex writes music for about major TV networks nationally and internationally. His music is featured mostly on shows with large audiences. He writes for various genres such as hip hop, rap, rock, metal, country, EDM, classical and everything in between.  Alex works with locals as well as celerities creating songs. The studio is located in Nashville, Tennessee and utilizes high end, professional equipment and software.

Our studio offers the following:

•  Recording in studio or send your concept to us to work on
•  Edit/Tune vocals
•  Add and play instruments that are needed for a song
•  Mixing
•. Mastering
•  Producing
• Write music for all genres as well as jingles

A Strong Presence On The Internet And Innovative Marketing On All Platforms Is A Must. Our Goal Is To Get Your Business Operating At Full Throttle.

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