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Managing An Internet/Social Media Marketing Campaign

Regarding Internet/Social Media Marketing it’s important to know that you need a person running your social media who understands how to “read” an audience and adjust strategies and comments when necessary. Here at SharpShooter Marketing Group we understand what it takes to  successfully run your internet/social media marketing. We stay focused on relevant, fresh content and respond to comments by the audience in a timely manner. We adjust strategies when needed. The days of posting up the same post saying “Buy Our Products” every two weeks per year is not going to be productive in achieving your business goals. You need to be creative as a writer in Social Media Marketing.

For starters, social media platforms generally have their own brand, style and focus. They want people who relate to the platform to sign up and engage. Having a concise audience consistently visiting a social media platform makes it easier for the platform to connect with advertisers who want to showcase their businesses to the people visiting that page. Social media companies study demographics and interests of people visiting their site. They also monitor days of the week and times of the day the page was visited, where the person is geographically located, what devise they used to log in and much more.  Of course here at SharpShooter Marketing Group, we take care of all this leg work for you and explain which way is the best to go and why.

Keep in mind social media engagement will typically vary from one platform to the next. While one business may be experiencing a large amount of engagements on Instagram, another similar business might not be seeing much there but is flourishing in LinkedIn.

Where do you start?  Depending on your budget, consider advertising with each of the major social media platforms. Choose the sites that are providing the most action and add some more funds to those while dropping off the ones that are not performing well. Just a note, many platforms offer CPC (Cost Per Click) Advertising where the advertiser (you) pays a cost to the publisher (social media platform) for every click on an ad. CPC is used to determine costs of showing your ads on search engines, Google Display Network for Adwords, social media platforms and other publishers. Here at SharpShooter Marketing Group we manage your entire social media marketing plan including monthly reports.

Social Media Platforms to keep an eye on for advertising are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tumbler, tiktok and Spotify for music. Google offers Adwords which is a good way to advertise your business using CPC (Cost Per Click) and it gets your business name at the top of the search page if you do things right. Adwords has many options to use in creating your ads and the staff is helpful in getting you set up properly. Amazon is also offering advertising using display ads, video ads and custom ads plus support with creating and placing ads that will benefit your business.

Last, remember to add your name and company info onto sites that are specific to your industry so when someone is looking for a lawyer in a certain area, your name (if you are a lawyer) will come up there as well.

Chart provided by Pew Research Center.

A Strong Presence On The Internet And Innovative Marketing On All Platforms Is A Must. Our Goal Is To Get Your Business Operating At Full Throttle.

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